Affordable Apartment Decorating Tips

Decorating your rental home or apartment on a budget can be difficult but with a creative mind and the right cheap home décor, you can turn your house into a home.

Your options for decorating may be limited, but you can still add some personal touches to break through the generic and dull look of most rentals. Bringing your apartment interior design vision to life does not have to be unaffordable. In fact, you can dress up your rental space with a unique style on a frugal budget.

It is important to keep in mind that transforming your apartment may not happen overnight. In fact, the most affordable way to redecorate your apartment will usually be to purchase one or two items at a time.

Prioritize the most important pieces first so that you can slowly build towards the perfect home and save up patiently for larger purchases. With these thrifty tips and decorating tricks, you can find or make affordable home décor that matches your style and personality.

Find Vintage Furniture and Décor

Shopping around for cheap room décor doesn’t mean you have to settle for ugly furniture and decorations for your home. Vintage stores can be a treasure trove of inspiration because there is something incredibly warm and homey about antique décor. However, you should try to avoid pricey antique furniture that is aimed towards “vintage-lovers”. Don’t feel obligated to buy a beautiful piece if the price is out of your range.

Instead, try to find affordable home furnishings that have been previously used but still carry a lot of style and charm. Vintage furniture and decorations can sometimes be expensive but if you keep perusing, you’re bound to find great deals on beautiful items. Some pieces may need a little bit of restoration before you put them on display, but they will be much cheaper than buying new furniture for your rental home.

Ask Friends and Family for Hand-Me-Downs

One of the easiest ways to focus your apartment interior design on decorations that feel personal to you is to ask your friends and family for hand-me-downs. If any of your friends and family are looking to declutter their homes, ask them if they are okay with giving away some things that they don’t need anymore. Maybe your parents have had a painting in their home for years and they are ready to pass the piece on to the next generation. If your friends are moving, ask them if they are willing to part ways with their furniture or decorations.

Whether your friend has an extra coffee table that they don’t need or your parents are willing to pass on some of their pottery, acquiring hand-me-downs can be a quick and easy way to furnish your apartment. Ask your family for pictures that you can frame and use as cheap bedroom décor that is full of sentimental value. Don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones for the chance to find a furniture or decoration piece that they are ready to part ways with and give away.

Check Out the Clearance Sections of Major Retailers

Scouring through the clearance section is a great way to find cheap home décor that only recently when out of season. Most major retailers put items on clearance when seasons change and they have leftover inventory. Look through the clearance section of major furniture and home goods stores to see if you find any items that match up with your apartment decorating ideas. You may just find the exact pieces you were looking for to complete the look you had in mind for a room in your home.

Another common method of buying furniture for cheap is to find showroom samples that are being offered at a discounted price. People test out furniture like sofas and chairs all the time, and occasionally these merchandise get slightly damaged. Some stores will have items with dents and scratches or missing packaging, that are otherwise great products, for sale at reduced rates. Don’t miss out on stylish, affordable furnishings in the clearance section of your favorite home goods stores.

Cover Your Walls with Art

Bare walls can make your apartment feel like a sterile dorm room, but inexpensive wall décor like artwork or framed pictures can fix that problem in no time! You can visit thrift stores for cheap paintings and artwork, but it can sometimes be difficult to find a stylish piece. However, you can find attractive frames at these thrift stores use them with art pieces of your choice. If you spot a cool frame at the thrift shop, buy it and use it for your own artwork or pictures.

Reach out to any friends or family that are artists and see if you can purchase some paintings, drawings or graphics from them and put them into the frames you got from thrifting. Buying art from friends and family can add personality to your apartment’s interior design and you can support your loved ones in the process. If you can’t find any artwork to put into your new frames, try framing posters to make them look more ornate and elegant as decorations on your wall.

Put Your Hobbies on Display

Display your hobbies with affordable home décor that clearly shows off your interests and personality. If you have a fondness for books or vinyl records, use shelves to display your collection to everyone who visits your home. Collectors of hats and shoes can display their gear on their bedroom walls. Displaying your hobbies is one of the most effective ways to make a house your personalized home.

Additionally, if you have a green thumb and love gardening you should consider adding plants to your apartment as affordable furnishings. Plants are generally a cheap and easy way to liven up any room with some vibrant colors. If you are not too confident in your skills as a plant parent, consider purchasing a low-maintenance plant like a succulent.

Note: If you have any pets, make sure that you do not decorate your home with any plants that are poisonous to them.

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