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Learn How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

Getting your security deposit back is often one of the most stressful aspects of moving. If anything is broken, you must fix it to avoid having money deducted from your deposit. 

You must examine your apartment carefully and determine whether any walls, floors or appliances have been damaged. 

If you want to know how to fix a hole in the wall, get rid of stains and remove odors from your apartment, we have you covered. These tips and tricks may ease the stress that comes with moving, and they may help you get most or all of your deposit back. 

How to Clean a Carpet or Rug

Wondering how to clean a carpet or a rug? It may be necessary if you have accidentally stained it with mud, wine and other foods that are tough to get out. However, if you have a throw carpet as part of the affordable decorating of your place, then cleaning it will not be a requirement of getting your deposit back. Before renting a steam cleaner, you may want to try a few of these home remedies.

A spot cleaner may be a good investment if only small areas are stained. Some spot cleaners cost as low as $50, while others may reach $270 or more. Costs may also increase if you need to separately purchase the cleaning solution that goes with the cleaner. 

If you are looking for an even cheaper solution, creating your own carpet or rug shampoos may do the trick. Be sure to vacuum your carpet or rug ahead of time. Then, create a mixture of baking soda and vinegar or baking soda and warm water. Good scrubbing tools include old brushes, toothbrushes, rags or towels. Try patting down the area repeatedly with the solution before scrubbing. 

To clean a carpet stain, you may also use a large and stiff scrubbing brush along with water, detergent, table salt and baking soda. Make sure to turn on fans and open windows once you are finished to let the rug or carpet air dry. 

How to Fix a Hole in the Wall

Fixing a hole in the wall does not require as much skill as you may think. However, you will need the right tools and you must closely follow directions. Different techniques exist depending on the type of hole and the type of wall.

If you want to know how to repair drywall, for instance, it may be a good idea to purchase lightweight spackle for small holes and setting compound for bigger holes. You may also need the following:

  • Sanding sponge
  • Sandpaper
  • Hawk and mud pans 
  • Putty knives (the size you will need depends on the hole you are repairing)
  • Taping knife
  • Drywall mesh tape

You may consider purchasing a drywall repair kit depending on the type of hole you need to fix. There are plenty of instructional videos available from stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. You may need additional tools if your walls are textured. 

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Odors

Wondering how to get rid of cigarette smell? First, you must find out where the smell is coming from. For instance, a carpet may hold on to certain odors, which means you may need to clean the carpet before you leave. It is also a good idea to clean all the surfaces in your home, including countertops, tile and more.

If you have heating, ventilating or air-conditioning units, check their filters and clean them. They may be clogged with soot, ash or smoke, meaning the smell will permeate the room whenever these units are in use. 

If you want to know how to get rid of dog smell or other pet odors, you must follow the same steps. Normally, a landlord will not keep your security deposit because of bad smells in the apartment.

However, you do not want to run the risk. If there are lingering smells in the apartment after you leave, the cost of cleaning and airing out space may be deducted from your security deposit. Before looking for a new place to live, check with your landlord about the requirements to get your security back.

How to Get Marker and Crayon off the Walls

You may be wondering how to get crayon off the wall, especially if you have a child at home. Fortunately, there are several methods for removing crayon and marker from walls and wallpaper. 

Many people recommend using a baking soda, warm water and a magic eraser or simple rag to scrub away crayon marks. Other scrubbing substances or tools include WD-40, non-gel toothpaste, mayonnaise, pencil erasers, steel wool and vinegar. 

If you use steel wool, try rubbing the crayon off in strokes of the same direction, instead of scrubbing in a circle. Otherwise, you may damage the wallpaper or surface of the wall.

Wondering how to remove permanent marker from wood? There are several different options you may consider. These include:

  • A cloth and isopropyl alcohol
  • Non-gel toothpaste and a cloth
  • Nail polish remover and a paper towel

As all of these options will be abrasive on the wood, make sure that you completely cleanse the wood when you are done. If you are using alcohol, be sure to use a white cloth. You do not want dye from the cloth to transfer onto the table.

If you need to know how to get pen off the wall, you may use similar cleaning methods. You may also try combining ammonia, lemon juice and detergent and applying the mixture to the wall with a cloth. If you are using the toothpaste method, make sure that you use white toothpaste. 

How to Clean Tile

You may need to learn how to clean tile if there are stains on the tile in your apartment. Fortunately, ceramic and porcelain floors, which are the most common in apartments, do not require extra special care.

Stains and discolorations on tile may be treated with an all-purpose cleaner or a mild homemade cleaner, such as vinegar or fresh lemon juice. 

If you are trying to find the best way to clean tile in the shower, there are several popular methods. Cleaning supplies that are highly recommended include plastic, mesh and non-scratch scrubbers, a plastic scouring pad or a magic eraser. You may then use your favorite tub and tile cleaning solution or make your own by mixing vinegar and water together. 

The first step usually involves a pre-scrub to remove soap scum. Then, spray the tiles with your cleaning solution and let it sit for at least five minutes. This will help loosen any mold and mildew in the grout between the tiles. Once this is complete, scrub the tiles thoroughly.

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